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For more information on pricing or to schedule Mary for your group, school, university, treatment center or other please email:


Mary’s 2017 travel and art show schedule is filling up fast.  Due to time constraints, unless specifically requested, these are the workshops available for 2017.  University and school visits are always welcomed and can be done in your desired format. University/School visits are done on a first come first serve basis and spots fill fast, so please email for availability. 



Woasniye: Healing Through Writing and Art;  a multimedia presentation with followed by a Q&A. Due to some graphic images in the show, this is recommended for ages 10 and up. Passive participation

How to Succeed as a Writer: perfect for schools/universities, after-school programs, writing/ reading groups. Active participation. ages 7 and up. Materials provided by Mary for a set number of participants.

How to Succeed as an Artist: Perfect for schools/universities, after-school programs, art clubs. Active participation materials included. materials provided for a set number of participants.*Member participation

Healing through Art

Using art as a healing tool. Active participation.

*Materials will be provided, an exact number of participants will be needed.

*Private consultations can be arranged if needed after the workshop has concluded.

Healing through Writing

Learning ways to use writing as a healing tool.Active participation.

*Some materials provided an exact number of participants will be needed

Private consultations can be arranged of needed after the workshop has concluded.

Civil discourse and Identity: contact for more information Active participation.

Displacement and Identity

Why ICWA is still vital and why it continues to matter today. Passive participation.

Public readings of Mary Black Bonnet’s published works can be used to discuss topics of surviving violence, finding and implementing resiliency, determination, setting and achieving goals, the importance of higher education. If you just wish to bring Mary in for a public reading of her work and a Q&A, that option is also available.  

Other options:

SKYPE/GOOGLE HANGOUT sessions are also available. Is your speaker budget too thin to bring Mary into your classroom or group? Schedule an online session with her. Email for availability and compatibility. Mary does this for a few groups who cannot afford to bring her in for a full workshop but still want to interact with her.


Thank you for viewing these workshops and we look forward to working with you!


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