Mary Black Bonnet in the Media

Here you will find articles people have written about Mary, reviews of the books her essays are in, or snippets of things she has said that other people have used in their articles. You will also find any press releases about work she is currently doing, showing or being a part of. (Art or writing) .

Please note: many of the early newspaper interviews have incorrect information in them, (and some of the articles on the ICWA rally) details, locations etc. If you have any questions please ask her yourself and she will be happy to answer.

This is not a complete list. It will continue to be built as we go back in the archives. (She was first published in 2000, so there is a lot of things to post)

Unraveling the Spreading Cloth of Time: Indigenous Thoughts Concerning the Universe, dedicated to Vine Deloria Jr – Book Review ****INCORRECT information in this article******

US: Indigenous Lakota women face harsh winter wrath under climate change

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