Random 2 A.M post


I’ve been creating a lot of art, which of course makes me happy. But, I haven’t been getting much sleep, and that has to stop. I need to stay on a schedule so when the book tour starts I’m not starting out exhausted from lack of sleep.

I can’t believe July is almost over. Time is going to pick up henceforth. It’s going to be Rosebud Fair, then immediately on the heels of that will be my book release, then Cunksi’s b-day, and my virgin voyage to the Festival of Books, October will come, which will be my art show (I’m splitting the gallery with Cunksi, so really OUR art show) and then all the activities and speaking I do in October for”Native American Month”.  I seriously better rest now and be working out consistently so I have the stamina. All hail my Vampire drink and the raw food way of life. It’s the only way I’m going to have enough energy to do it all.  Though, seriously for real, I need to shut the hell up because if Buffy (Sainte Marie, my hero, duh!)  can tour and travel at 76, I have NO RIGHT to run my mouth. It Seriously is all about choices, so I will never complain again about being “tired”.  But really, I do try hard to always be grateful for my health and my athletic ability and build. I was really really sick this last week and omg, it was hard on me. Once I started getting better, I took Sweets and Navarre for a walk and was just sending up prayers to Tunkasila of gratitude for my health and my ability to move my body again and that I’ve always been active and healthy.  (Obviously, sans the occasional flu everyone gets that).

I have been holding classes this summer (for cunksi’s homeschool) because our normal school year is going to be crazy and hectic with travel and I don’t want her to get behind. You can’t believe how much flack I have gotten from people over this, but it’s not like she’s being tortured. she is just having her regular school day that she would in fall, winter, spring, only, in summer. So come fall, she will be having her “summer” break; so while other kids are sitting bored in their classrooms wishing they were outside swimming, or playing, she WILL be. Not to mention also traveling to places school children are reading about in books.  She continues to be an incredible student. She in the fourth grade now, come January I’ll bump her up to the fifth grade. (Reading and spelling wise, she is already doing fifth grade level.) I have always given her the next level up for her spelling and reading words. The way I do this is at the beginning of every school year I print off the Fry Master Word List, it’s 1,000 words, and the Dolce reading/sight Master Spelling list, (the one they use for the spelling bee) and we use that through the whole semester.  She is doing the fifth grade list this year.  I have her say them, spell them and then say them again, everyday. This year I have introduced spelling tests. She had her first one on Monday. I won’t be giving her test on Monday anymore, it’s a dumb time for a test, but I wanted to just see where she was. I don’t do Monday tests because I fully believe that weekends are for nothing but letting her do whatever she wants. And believe me she finds all kinds of cool things to do, because she is so cool.  She’s been painting up a storm in the studio,preparing for the show, at this rate, she has enough work for her own show and definitely for our joint show.  I love walking into the studio and seeing all the easels taken up with the work she has been doing. #proudina

I’m really sleepy now, and I should go to bed. I just wanted to drop in and say hey. I’m sure there were other things to say, but I’ll do another post later.

I have new photos to post and new art and…other things but I have already forgotten.

For now, peace and sleepy turtles…


Lakota Winyan.
Cunksi’s Ina.