I’m Here! I’m Here!

Hello my lovely readers,

first of all, let me say thanks for checking in here so often for new content. I am so very sorry for my long term absence. There is a lot of reasons for this, which I will get into.

I owe you all a ton of updates. Here’s a quick one and then I will probably make a video for you all…it’s been floating around in my head for weeks

I have had some major news happen to me of the medical variety, which I have had to sit with for the last week. That is its own situation because I knew it was coming, I just didn’t want to admit it. But I will tell you all about that soon. NO, it’s NOT cancer. I’m fine in that regard.  Even though I knew it was happening, it was a shock to get the confirmation so it tipped my life in a way I am trying to understand. More on that soon. I promise.

There has been amazing news too. I continue to paint and sell my work and my photos, but my paintings seem to be in high demand right now. As soon as I finish one, it gets sold. My  #NODAPL painting sold, but prints are still available as well as t-shirts! I need to update my store so you can all actually see things and get the chance to buy them. I have not used that store like I should because at this point all my sales have come from past customers and word of mouth. (BLESSED) If any of my buyers are reading this, Thank you soo much for your patronage and support of my art, I am so grateful to you. 🙂

My Mt. Marty presentation was incredible and amazing, and that night needs its own post recap. which I will do.

I have new work news. I am teaming up with CAIRNS again for another Lakota story exhibit. We are doing Tapun SaWin this time. (Red cheek woman), it is one of my FAVORITE stories. I have picked the last passage, (the part about the boy,) and so my piece will end the exhibit.This will also be exhibited at the Journey Museum too.  I am soo excited for this show, it’s such a HUGE honor to be asked by CAIRNS to participate!

I don’t have any immediate public speaking/public reading gigs scheduled right now.  My adopted mother is having a rough time so I need to go see her. I also have continued medical appointments in the near future.

A piece of huge honoring news, I was called personally by NICWA (National Indian Child Welfare Act) and asked to return to the 2016 conference. They said, “Your workshop was one of our most popular, and we’d love it for you to come back again. Our theme is Under One Sky but you could do whatever you wanted, or even do your same workshop”

What a HUGE honor!!!!!!   HUGE!!!!    But, unfortunately, I’m not going. I am really sad because it’s in San Diego! But it was fully my choice and I will talk more on that in the longer update.

But, unfortunately, I’m not going. I am really sad because it’s in San Diego! But it was fully my choice and I will talk more on that in the longer update.

Tunkasila continues to give me serious challenges, but then turn around and bless me with beautiful opportunities, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m so grateful for my life, I’m so grateful that I have made it through the life-threatening events in the last two years where I could have been killed, but wasn’t. My life, my breath, continues to be a blessing, despite the challenges placed in my path. I see it this way, my challenges are minor compared to the beauty that surrounds me and the incredible blessings I am constantly given.

I continue to write, and I will be writing about all this that I’m going through presently.

It’s funny because I’ve been sitting on the edits for the Mother Turtle book, and now I’ve been writing like crazy on it.  I could not have done it sooner because the answers/understanding were not there.

I thought these last two years were just about recovering from the rape mixed in with recovering from Bruce’s death,  but it turns out they were so much more. As horrific as it has all been (and continues to be in, in moments) I see NOW, what I couldn’t see before.

I will come back and share those things with you soon.

Even though Red Steed and Little Orchid is such a hit with its initial readers, and it will still be published, I needed to go on to write the other side of that fairy tale. Because fairy tales DO have two sides. That book is called  “Surviving Bruce”, which is about Bruce’s death, and my combined recovery from the injuries and mourning his loss, then the aftermath of all of it. I’m still living that book. I will probably get through these next audiologist appointments and finish it from there.

And then, there is my awesome, incredible Summer to talk about!! (Unfortunately, that will have to be on the DL until a certain date. at which time I will fully open up about.)

Thankfully, my story never ends. I’m like one long book that continues to challenge and amaze haa ha! I’m grateful for it!

I have decided though I should stop writing novel length books about my life and start writing mini-series about them! So, I will probably do that! 🙂

I cannot thank you enough, those of you who have sent my private emails and messages sending me love and strength. I know you didn’t know what was going on, but the fact that you were aware that something was up, was kind and helped me. It helped me remember why I am here, why I do what I do and why I need to keep going instead of stopping and going to work at a gas station. (TOTAL JOKE)

I know you have all sent me questions as well, which I WILL get too. I will probably do a video just on the Questions I’ve been asked.

thanks for asking them, thanks for reading, thanks for hanging in when I’ve disappeared. That’s more than the people in my real life have done, save a select few.

okay, I’m off for now, but I will be back soon and the enormous updates and videos. 🙂 much love to you all!!!

See you soon, (I promise!)

Peace, Hugs and Turtles, MBB


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