Quickish Update

Hello my lovely readers and fans,

I’ve been gone so long! Yet so much has happened! I think I left off when I was headed out to the ICWA conference, well, that was amazing and harrowing simultaneously. I shall update all those deets eventually.  I met amazing people there, my presentation was standing room only, though I felt it could have gone better, meaning, I could have done better. I decided to have a nervous breakdown the morning of my presentation due to all the influx of trauma floating around, which duh, I should have prepared for.  I saw a man fall down an escalator, which was traumatic for me. I tried to catch him..yeah, that was real smart. On an additional note, I should also mention that I was PMS’ing while there, so that did have something (a lot) to do with me being even MORE, sensitive than normal.

I know I’m buzzing through this, but I’m short on time.

After ICWA, which btw, i totally raised all the money for (except the 120 dollars donated by my ridiculous gofundme page…what a rip off gofundme is. I actually raised more than that but they keep most of it. such bullshit.  but anyway….I raised the rest of the money by selling my paintings and my photography. that was so good for me..becuase I’ve not really taken myself seriously as an artist…it’s just been something that is there. But hells, this past year has been ALL about my art! I’m soo seriously grateful and also aware that life lessons come to you when you need them too. I’d been lamenting that I hadn’t “worked” in two years, but yet here i was, taking part if four art shows in the last two years, creating pieces and having them in shows!

Which brings me to my other point.  I was so high on my success of ICWA that…well wait, first..while at ICWA I was asked to join a summer research project back home (RST)  which I totally agreed to because hell ya the idea of getting to be home for the summer, as well as other factors that were playing in my brain, (which I will expand on soon) I absolutely said yes. But I’d need a place to stay there since it would be cunksi and I; and there is no housing and I was not hot on living with either set of my in-laws. I absolutely need my space so I can get up and do art at three a/m or write all night if i so wish.

So..I had to come up with a plan.

Which I did. and executed.

But that is a story for another time.

Just know I am well, cunksi is well, and life continues to both be busy and rock in the most amazing ways.

I have so much more to catch you up on, and I will. In time.


In Art News: The opening(s) for The Great Race were AMAZING. I went to the first one, and to mine, which was the last one and there were SO MANY people there!! (which didn’t go over well with me again. due to panic attack issues, more on that later) But I went, I did it, I rocked it, I touched people with my words and brought many to tears. (not on purpose..)

Craig said to me, “This show opens with a man’s voice, and ends with a woman’s (mine) As it should be.”

OMG..that was so freaking amazing when he said that. It made the honor to be in that show even bigger.  That show opened on June 3. my birthday was June 4. I spent it in the Hills. LOVED it.

(I’m still in the hills.)

I just got word a week ago that our ND/SD photographers show is FINALLY traveling to SD! Starting in Aug, it will be in SOUTH DAKOTA!! (damn, seems like it too forever)

I will post that schedule here soon. I do not know the deets of the opening receptions, but as soon as I know  I will let you know because I fully plan to go to all of them.  The piece that is in this show is the one of cunksi titled, “TA-DAH”.   EEE, I did that SO long ago! But the art world seems to be much like the publishing world, in the sense that you produce a piece and it’s picked up..but  the public doesn’t see it until like a year later. (or more) I’m not bashing anything. I just find it all so intriguing.

There is WAY more to say, but I’m not ready to tell. Just know that I am good, cunksi is good, we are both sun kissed brown and healthy, living our lives doing art, traveling and having a blast. Life is too short for living it shittily. I’m getting back to me. Some days recovery is slow, some days it’s at light speeds.  The greatest thing for me is; I’m OUT of the house, I can walk out of my front door and not be so overwhelmed with panic that it literally renders me useless. At this time last year, I was holed up in my house. I pissed away a whole summer because I was so terrified of what might happen. Well, that and the fact that I’d been mauled by a 90# Doberman. (LITERALLY for those who do not know that event.)

This summer has had its moments, quite a few actually. Moments when I have panic over a large dog, or someone coming up behind me, or fireworks. (FUCK I HATE fireworks!!)  But they didn’t send me running for my bed, I got through the not being able to breathe, and I just kept going, despite my intense fear……


Because I’m Mary Fucking Black Bonnet.

and once again, I can do ANYTHING.



Lakota Winyan.
Cunksi’s Ina.