Indian Woman

Indian Woman

Mary Black Bonnet


Oh beautiful Ina

Who shone so bright, stood so tall and proud.

Finding who you were

in a revolutionary time

I saw the sun

reflect on your hair.

I forgave your drinking

And slight alcohol problem


Because it was the 70’s

And you were an Indian woman


You floated through my dreams

my soul ached for you.

If I could just be with you

we’d be okay.

I co-dependently excused you

for crawling into that bottle after your children were gone.


Because it was the 70’s

And you were an Indian woman


The iron in my blood

allows me to support those I believe in.

And I carry this on.

because I am an Indian woman.


But now I see

we were still in the room with you

when your foot was in that bottle.

18 years later the setting sun

illuminates your hair.

I’m left

with a new ending.

Of an Indian woman

Who couldn’t evolve in a revolutionary time.

Who sacrificed her children

in her need to escape.

Now I must mourn

your death all over.

It’s okay.

Because I am

A Strong Lakota Winyan

in this revolutionary time.

And I will not

leave my child behind.



Lakota Winyan.
Cunksi’s Ina.