Holidays and catch up


I hope your holidays were  Merry and Bright, warm and cozy!  Sorry for my absence, there has been a lot going on. I wanted to make you all a video about the holidays, but I never got around to it.

I have been busy making art and writing.  I have a piece in another collaborative art show. The name of the Art show is New Union/Re-Union.50 local artists were invited to contribute/create a piece of art to coincide with two poems written by a former community member who now lives in Brooklyn..lucky woman!  We were only allowed to pick one line from one of the poems. I picked “Wonderous Arms”.  My contribution is a photograph. You will have to wait to see the show before I tell you about my piece, but I’m really excited about it and really proud of how it came out! There will be an opening here in town at the University and I hear rumor that it will open in New York! (FINGERS CROSSED!!!)

As I was telling someone about my other work, I realized, this will be the THIRD collaborative art show I’ve been a part of THIS year! My first was in February, I contributed that Bone/Wire Sculpture “Mixed {Media} Messages” to the Women’s work show, then I contributed that photograph “Ta-Dah” to the North Dakota/South Dakota  traveling photography show; and now this one! I am actually really proud of myself!  These are my (top) passions, I have so many and it causes such a high that I needed to keep going, so I started looking into other places to send my work.

Then last night, I dug out a non-fiction piece that I haven’t looked at in awhile because I found a place that if they like your work, they will publish it and they will let you know in 24 hours! The bad part, the word count is 4,000 and my piece, as it is, is 7,015. Um….I need to ax somewhere, but not sure where. So, I’m engaging the help of others! 🙂

And as always, there is “the book” it’s coming along, but slowly. Which is a disucssion for a whole other post unto itself.

Okay, I need to go, there is so much more to tell you all, but I need to start my day and tend to my girl. I hope you are all well and I promise I will post a video soon and be back with more life news. 🙂

Be well, keep in touch and take care of yourselves.

~Peace and Turtles, MBB

Lakota Winyan.
Cunksi’s Ina.