Pumpkins, powwow, and punkins…

It is REALLY late, and I want to go abu, but here’s a little snippet of the  Wakaneja ki dancing at the annual “Monster Mash Halloween Pow-wow”. We had SOO much fun! One of Cunksi’s friends is so interested in our Culture and so we are trying to bring her to all the events we can. She is respectfully interested, and so we welcome her.

I had so much fun dancing tonight, I have never danced Wacipi in anything other than my regalia! I had boots on, but those lasted one round and then got tossed across the room and under someone’s chair and stayed there until I picked them up as I left.  Dancing is so good for my soul, but especially Wacipi dancing!  I was Maharet from Queen of the Damned and so I have this incredible, awesome cape that looks vampire-y and gothic and gorgeous, and flows when I walk, I LOVE it!! (So do my sistercousins.)

Cunksi and I LOVE halloween..we love to get dressed up and always have many, many events to go to, which makes dressing up all the more fun!  We started out the day both as vampires, but  as the day wore on, she saw that Vi was going as a fall fairy, so she became a vampire fairy. (For me, the appeal is the cape, for her it’s anything with wings.)

Tomorrow our day is full again with festivities and parties..gotta squeeze all the fun out of the month! haa ha!!

Okay, I have been up late writing all week, so I’m going to actually go to bed..and SLEEP. No school tomorrow, so I don’t have to get up early. I’m afraid to admit that I actually let Cunksi play Simms this morning while I drank my coffee just so I could wake up enough to teach. I’m pretty strict about no technology before school.   I never claimed to be perfect. 😉

okay, this is where I go abu.ohh,l guess there is no mention of actual pumpkins…the kind that grow from the ground….oops. Seein’ all those cute ‘punkins’ above will make up for it.

Toksa, Peace and Turtles,..MBB

Lakota Winyan.
Cunksi’s Ina.