Columbus day conundrum…

I had forgotten yesterday that way back in 2009, someone writing for(ironically) the Christian science monitor wrote an article and titled it, “Should we Even have a Columbus Day?” In it, he talked specifically about my story, and how it is no less a case of attempted culturecide, and colonization among other things.
I forget about it every year..I should actually start posting that.
The reason I mention it is, for all the support I get for my openness about women’s issues, native issues, etc. (Thank you fb friends btw) I also get adverse reactions from people, and I don’t mean strangers. I have had community members say things to me in public after I’ve posted something, and it used to make me stop and think ‘maybe I shouldn’t’. But then that feeling goes away, and I’m back to my feisty antics. Maybe I’ll make t-shirts that say: Mary Black Bonnet, here to make you uncomfortable’ Haa haa!
I think some people don’t want me to talk as openly as I do because it makes them uncomfortable. And I’m sorry for that, but the various things that have happened to me in my life are not events that only happened to me. They happen and happen to far too many women children, girls, boys& men every day. Yes, it is uncomfortable to talk about, but that’s exactly why we need to. Uncomfortableness is a feeling, it will pass. But we need to be talking about these things because it’s still happening! If we talk about it and face it, perhaps we’ll all start working a little harder to make it stop.
I will continue to talk because it gives voice to the voiceless, the ones who feel like they are alone, that they don’t matter, that they are damaged and will never be okay or live through it. But I’m proof that it can happen. It is by NO WAY easy, but it can happen if you’re determined. I know how rewarding it is to grow into yourself, find your strength and that’s the most freeing feeling in the world. And everyone deserves that feeling.

We did all kinds of things yesterday that I will write about, but I am off to do some other business things. Post soon…peace and Turtles, MBB

Lakota Winyan.
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