So, lot’s of good things happened today.  And there is some pretty big news.

Tonight, for the first time in five months, I painted! I had to go to the VAAC to pick up some of my photos and some of her paintings that we had left there after a show she and I had together over a year ago.  Seeing my photography again, all framed and shiny made me all inspired. Cunksi wanted to paint, so I stopped by the store and picked up some canvas’ for us.  When we got home, we started painting. She finished one whole painting before I even had paint on my canvas! But I got it started. I feel rusty and I know that it’s just the layers I’ve buried my heart, my trauma, and my sorrow under that I have to just slowly scrape away at.  It will come and I won’t pass out, I know that now, and I’m getting okay with that.

I spoke with someone today who is very dear to me, and she is going through a hard time. I knew she was. Part of being the empath I am is I can feel the emotions of those I love. I’m not kidding, it’s a real thing. But it’s painful when I can’t DO anything but love them through it.  That, however, is another lesson I am learning.  That I do not have to FIX it for anyone (not even myself) and that often, things are the way they are meant to be for whatever ethereal reason. Being okay with that lesson is easier for me today, then it was three weeks ago.

Now, some SUPER exciting news on Cunksi’s behalf.  She had been given a blank book by our children’s librarian (who is also a family friend and in the Cunksi fan club). Cunksi wrote and illustrated a story in it and showed it to her. “BK”(the librarian) is not only going to read it at storytime, but she is going to barcode it, and enter it into the library system so that Cunksi’s book will be able to be checked out of the library!

I’m so proud of Cunksi!  My brave little precious!

She is also a working  artist. Before she turned six years old, she had sold five paintings! It’s those things that make me so happy, she makes a decision to do something and she does it. It’s empowering for her and I doubt she looks at it like that, but I know that is part of why she knows she can do anything she wants and isn’t afraid to take risks.

There are other things to say, but I need to go to sleep.

For now, Peace and Turtles….



Lakota Winyan.
Cunksi’s Ina.