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  Poems By Mary Blackbonnet, Surving PTSD About the book:

Here There Be Dragons served as a warning in the sea-faring days for sailors to not go where it was unexplored, unknown and unsafe.  But in this book Mary Black Bonnet goes exactly where the journey is arduous, dangerous, and sometimes deadly; all to enable herself to heal a broken heart, a wounded spirit so that she can evolve, both as a daughter, a woman and mother.

Going into unknown territory is the only way to eviscerate the cycle of alcoholism, child abuse and negligence that far too many children have had to grow up enduring. But to do this, one must be brave, very brave.


“It was my great pleasure to first meet Mary Black Bonnet about a year ago. She read one of her poems for a collaborative exhibition of Native American artists telling the story of The Great Race in painting, sculpture, music and words. Such powerful words. I fell in love with Mary’s poetry first, and then I fell in love with her.
Her new book, Here There Be Dragons, is full of grit, bone, earth, heart and humanity. It is Mary on the page. If you don’t know the work of this young poet, you are in for an experience that will resonate within you. If you do know Mary’s work, you will not be disappointed.” –  Deborah Gangloff, Secretary South Dakota State Poetry Society


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