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This site is dedicated to the idea that all Winyan ki (Women) and Wakaneja ki (children) are Sacred.

I believe that every female has a strong, powerful Goddess persona within her and that all children have an innate wisdom and wonder that guides them toward their own highest purpose.

 It is our purpose as Women and Goddesses to nurture that sacred energy within our selves and within our children. As we heal our pain we will build a stronger generation of Winyans (women) and a better future for ourselves and our children. Strong Winyan (women)  make for strong children.

  I became a Feminist and activist by circumstance.  I have been advocating for, writing, publishing and lecturing about women and children’s issues as well as issues related to ICWA for the last 17 years.  My personal journey through Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) has allowed me to assist others on the journey to become our best selves.

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